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Every Babble Is A Whistle On The ChooChoo Express To Cuteness & Discovery

Infants (Cabooses) | 6 Weeks To 15 Months | Serving Chicago, IL

Cozy Cuddles, Radiant Smiles, & Responsive Care

Our heartwarming early learning environment offers tender, responsive care for your little one. From soothing snuggles to dashing diaper dances and pampering little cabooses, teachers create days full of love and laughter, nurturing tiny hearts, fostering trust and close bonds, and sparking happy giggles and contented coos.
Cozy Cuddles, Radiant Smiles, & Responsive Care
Personalized Attention Just Like At Home

Personalized Attention Just Like At Home

Compassionate caregivers recognize and respect your baby’s unique temperament, preferences, and developmental pace. Personalized care allows teachers to tailor their approach and better meet individual needs with a schedule that meets their progress and needs, just like at home.

Early Communication Skills With Baby Signing

Your little gem learns baby signing to communicate their needs and feelings before they can speak verbally. Through facial expressions and baby babble, your little one shares understanding and responsiveness, reduces communication frustration, boosts early language development, and more.
Early Communication Skills With Baby Signing

ChooChoo Chicago’s Caboose Crew Loves, Protects, & Guides Your Little One As If They Were Our Own!

Sensory Play Enhances Fine & Gross Motor Skills

Sensory Play Enhances Fine & Gross Motor Skills

Engaging in sensory activities stimulates brain function, promoting cognitive development. Your baby safely explores different textures and materials to refine their fine and gross motor skills. Group sensory play encourages collaboration, cooperation, and social interaction among children.

Be Part Of Your Baby’s Day With Brightwheel™

Experience daily joy with your Brightwheel™ parent app. Seamlessly connect with teachers for real-time updates, direct messaging, and the sweetest photos and videos of your little one in action. Your ChooChoo Caboose Crew understands the importance of staying in the loop and sharing every milestone.
Be Part Of Your Baby’s Day With Brightwheel™
Vigilant Security Measures Safeguard Your Precious One

Vigilant Security Measures Safeguard Your Precious One

Gentle CPR-trained caregivers go above and beyond to keep your little one safe. With constant supervision, secure play areas, and adherence to strict safety protocols, like restricted access controls and security cameras for vigilant monitoring, your little one explores, learns, and grows under watchful and caring protection.

Daily Sanitization For Healthy Experiences

Experience each day’s giggles and brilliance with peace of mind. Dedicated teachers make cleanliness a priority through daily sanitization, while professional cleaners ensure a fresh, germ-free environment every week. Your infant’s hands-on ChooChoo station provides non-stop interaction as they learn through love and play full steam ahead!
Daily Sanitization For Healthy Experiences

Hear What Parents Have To Say...

We are newer parents to ChooChoo and have been sooooo impressed by our first daycare experience with our almost 2 year old thanks to Mia, Emi, Luke, Christy and the rest of the amazing staff. Our daughter started there 3 months ago and we are so thankful she did. We get updates and photos all day long on the Brightwheel app. The teachers are so diligent about having the kids wash their hands and stay as clean as possible. They are also so kind and warm to our little girl and clearly care about the kids. Read More...

- Brian & Maddie Giblin

My daughter goes to this childcare and I am deeply satisfied with their service. They keep kids engaged in different indoor and outdoor activities along with monthly field trips which help kids to learn. They share lovely pictures and videos of kids engaged in different activities throughout the day. They also have initial onboarding transition period for 2-3 days where you can stay with kid for few hour to help them get familiarize with place. Place is very neat and clean. Teachers are very helpful and truly care for the kid. Read More...

- Rajan Bhandari

We recently moved to Chicago and we are so glad we found Choo Choo! Ms. Mia and all of the teachers are welcoming, intelligent, organized and fun. The classrooms are clean and filled with age appropriate toys, books and other activities for kids. The teachers plan and facilitate thoughtful and engaging lessons with a on focus on learning through play. Our 2 year old has already learned so much and has formed great connections with his classmates and teachers! I highly recommend Choo Choo! Read More...

- Emily Zheutlin

ChooChoo have created something truly special, and I will be forever grateful for the unwavering love and support they've shown my daughter since the very first morning we dropped her off. I could fill several pages with examples of how responsive, compassionate, and genuinely kind the entire ChooChoo family is. Instead, the most helpful feedback I can offer any parent currently searching for the best daycare in Chicago is this: there's no one I trust more to have my daughter's best interests at heart than Mrs. Mia and her staff. Read More...

- Andrew Ogletree

Our family absolutely loves ChooChoo! I was SO thankful to have found the summer program at ChooChoo. The consistency for the summer has been invaluable to me and my husband. The teachers are so warm and wonderful, and we love getting updates throughout the day on the app. We also love that they are given nutritious snacks and lunches, and that they get a mix of outdoor and indoor time. When we leave for the day my girls ask to go back - a testament to how much they are enjoying the program! Read More...

- Stephanie Wong

ChooChoo was definitely the right choice for our family!! I am 100% calm and happy knowing they are taking care of my 3 year old son. Kudos to Hoppers classroom and teachers! Compassionate, dedicated, child-oriented group of people who attend to your child’s individual needs and are willing to cooperate with families so they can set your child up for a success across all developmental areas! Read More...

- Milena Stankovic

My 2 year old daughter has attended ChooChoo for the past 7 months and we have had a wonderful experience. It is extremely well run: clean facility, prompt diaper changes, food provided, lots of art projects, communicative staff, host several events for parents to attend and socialize. A detailed monthly newsletter is sent out explaining weekly curriculum themes, introducing new staff, reminders about holidays etc. The staff are all very profesional. There are dedicated classrooms for each age group, but also some opportunities to interact with children of different ages which I know my daughter has enjoyed. Read More...

- Elizabeth Wagner

Our son has attended ChooChoo Chicago. He has loved going to ChooChoo and has had the most consistent care-taking experience with Mrs. Mia and Ms. I love that they take the kids outside on a regular basis. They also engage the kids in many arts and crafts projects, learning experiences and exposure to different languages. There are kids of various ages so my son enjoys teaching younger kids and learning from older kids. We've made great family friends through ChooChoo. Our son loves going to ChooChoo and runs into the house every morning - doesn't get better than that! Read More...

- Jessie Beebe

Our son who is 2.5 years now has been there for a bit more than a year now. We cannot be happier with the care he gets. The onboarding was progressive and very smooth to make sure our son was comfortable. The communication with parents is excellent so we feel involved and heard (e.g. Covid measures, daily pictures, etc). Kids have a lot of fun for playing and learning. It’s a multi-cultural environnement which is great too. In summary, this is a great place!! Read More...

- Laurent Beaudouin

We love ChooChoo and even more importantly both our kids love going to ChooCoo. ChooChoo is a family home daycare that is very well-organized, both from an educational/development perspective as well as from a administrative / practical perspective. The group of kids is great and ages range from 1 - 5 years old which is great because they can learn from, and take care of, each other. ChooChoo organizes a lot of activities, varying from going to the playground, art and crafts, dance classes, swim classes, and so on. We are very happy to have chosen for ChooChoo as family home daycare for our kids. Read More...

- Ralph Mulder

All Aboard For Thrilling & Captivating Learning!

All Aboard For A Thrilling & Captivating Learning Experience!